Friday, March 17, 2017

Prayer 1513: A Confession on St. Patrick's Day

Merciful God, we open our eyes to the rising sun,
and our hearts to meditate upon your grace and love:
Lord, hear our prayers.
In pride and heedless self-worship we have sinned, O God:
we have exploited the defenseless and turned on the weak.
We have sowed division to gain power,
surrendered before injustice,
and destroyed communities with mistrust and enmity.
Forgive, forgive, forgive, Lord Christ:
may we seek to restore our communion
with you, each other, and all creation.
Holy Spirit, renew in us a right orientation;
give us empathetic hearts and minds,
remembering that we are one.
Give us the will to seek the lost
comfort the suffering,
and lead those who thirst
to the water of life.
Guide us to be healing hands within the world,
loving each other as You, O God, have loved us, without fail.
In your compassion, O Holy One,
we place before You all those in anxiety or need of rest.


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