Thursday, March 9, 2017

Prayer 1505: Jesus in the Margins

Window at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Webster Groves, MO.

Merciful God, Lover of Souls, we turn into your embrace,
grateful for your abiding love.

Accept our confession of all our sins,
and grant us the strength to turn from darkness to light.
Renew our commitment to discipleship,
that we may live lives dedicated to compassion, mercy, and healing.
Awaken us from our heedlessness
to respond to the pain of others,
and stand with the oppressed and the powerless.
Remembering that we are all one,
help us to see Christ's face in places of pain, anxiety, and suffering.
In Jesus's name, let us work to repair the ruptures in creation and in society,
caused by our own deeds and those of others.

Holy One, pour out your comfort and blessing
on those whose needs we remember before you, as we pray.


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