Thursday, February 23, 2017

Prayer 1491: My soul quieted within Christ

My friend and teacher Peter and my friend Maria prepare to bless my car, which made me feel so much better. I still have some anxiety after my last car was totaled in a collision, and this made me feel reassured.

Most Merciful God,
who rested your hand upon me through the night,
let me now draw before You in thanks and praise.
With each breath,
let me offer my humble thanks for each blessing,
and rejoice in your guidance and care.
Let me still my soul
and make it quiet within You, O Savior,
resting upon you like a child at peace in her mother's arms.
Let me rise from my prayers
refreshed and strengthened,
dedicated to testifying to your grace in my life.
In all my steps,
make me an instrument of healing and reconciliation,
for the life of the world.
Holy One,
I remember before You those in anxiety and trouble,
and ask that your blessing rest upon those who call to You.


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