Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Prayer 1477: As rain comes down from heavens

Two weeks ago in Cuba, we met these wonderful young students at a school for the hearing impaired in Havana, and they wanted to have their picture taken together.

Lord Jesus, we breathe in your peace, and breathe out your truth: hear us as we draw near in gratitude and awe. 

As rain falls from the heavens and prepares the ground for spring, let us soak in your wisdom and bear forth your love, O Lord. 
All creation is in your hand, O God, and you call us to tend and love it and each other: may we live into our call with joy. 
May we go into the fields of the world rejoicing, with humility, with amiable hearts, with hands prepared to work. 

Spirit of the Living God: gather within your comfort all those who face trials or uncertainty today, and grant us peace.


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