Sunday, January 15, 2017

Prayer 1455: Second Sunday After the Epiphany

The descent of the Holy Spirit. Detail from a window at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Ferguson, MO.
Lord Jesus, we acclaim you and worship you,
and give you thanks for your healing love in our lives.
Save us from the presumption of confessing your Name
without transformation of our hearts and minds
for Love's sake.

May we sing out your glory and grace
to all the world,
to witness to opponents as well as friends.
May we open ourselves to your Holy Spirit,
that our overflowing hearts
may lead us to stand for justice
and walk in compassion.

Guide us to live lives of grace and mercy,
and never inflict suffering by action or inaction.
Let us love our God
and each other
with our whole heart,
and walk humbly and reverently upon the earth.

Bless us and shape us,
O Merciful One,
and renew the spirits of those
who call to You.


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