Thursday, January 12, 2017

Prayer 1452: For discernment

Winter sunset.

Through the depths of the night,
You have watched over me,
O Lover of Souls;
may your Spirit guide me
in love and justice.

May I walk in the Way of Jesus this day,
and set my heart upon your Law of Love and Healing.
May I open my heart fully
to receive your grace,
and remember and give praise
for your saving help.

Lord, when I stumble,
pick me up
and set me back on your path:
let your Wisdom
be a lamp for my feet.

Animate me
by a spirit of humility,
and compassion,
guided by love and charity,
to fulfil your will.

Our hope is in You, O Holy One:
place your mantle of healing
over those we now name, as we pray.


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