Saturday, December 3, 2016

Prayer, day 1412

Holy God, You encircle us with your love and mercy: hear the prayers of your people that we offer to You today. 

Blessed Savior, we pray that we cling to your ways and wisdom more tightly, listening for your call to us in each moment. 

We pray that those unquiet in spirit be gentled, and that empathy and compassion for themselves and others bloom in their hearts. 

We pray that all who are hurting- from sorrow, from contempt, from pain- be soothed in your loving embrace, and know your blessing. 

We pray that all who seek a deeper knowledge of You may be led to the living water of your peace and wisdom. 

We pray that we heal the divisions that tear apart our communities and our hearts. 

Holy One, call down your angels upon us, and send a Spirit of Peace to those we now name.



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