Friday, December 30, 2016

Prayer 1439- For healing and thankfulness

May we see beauty everywhere, and give thanks.
Most Merciful One, enlighten our hearts and minds that we may know your peace and walk in wisdom.

Have compassion on our weakness and strengthen our resolve to walk in your ways. 
Accept our repentance from the depths of our hearts, and renew us in determination to serve You and each other in love. 
Deliver us from pride and enmity, fear and suspicion, we humbly pray.

May we rise and bless the Lord this day, this hour, this moment, for we are sheltered under the wings of the Lord of Life.
Bless the hands who have labored for all the comforts we enjoy, and help us to share our bounty with those in any need.

May serenity and healing pour over us as a balm to our hurts, that we may walk beside our Savior in strength and fortitude. 
Bless and keep all whose cares and concerns we place before You.


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