Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Prayer 1429: God holds our souls in life

May our prayers ascend like incense. The bell tower at Christ Church Cathedral in St. Louis.

O God, You hold our souls in life, and are ever with us: rejoicing, we approach you, and worship you in the temple of our hearts. 

Our Savior approaches, and calls us to new life: may we turn, hear, and give thanks! 

Draw us into deeper fellowship with you, Lord Jesus, and with each other, your Body in the world. 
May we as a community of faith offer ourselves as a living prayer before the world, and testify to your grace, O God. 

Drive far from us all division and fear, uniting us to You through bonds of hope and compassion. 

Holy One, we offer before You our joys and our cares: bless and comfort those for whom we now pray.


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