Thursday, December 15, 2016

Prayer 1424

Leaves caught in a net of ice.

As the Earth is called from her slumber, O God,
we hear your call to us: 
let us sing out our praise to the Most High!
Holy One, we have wandered from your paths
and abused each other
and your love:
forgive, Lord, forgive.
Your glory, O God,
fills the world in golden dawn,
in crimson close,
in velvet dark.
Astounded by your grace,
led by the star of your wisdom,
You lead us into a broad green land of plenty.
Give us strength to act for love's sake
in all things.
May we raise our spirits above
the clanging noise of fear-filled striving
and embrace your mercy and peace.
May we tend to those in any need,
remembering your abundant love that sustains us.
Comfort the weary and hurting,
the sick and the suffering,
Lord Christ,
and grant your peace to those we now name.


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