Sunday, December 11, 2016

Prayer 1420: the Third Sunday in Advent

Mother and Child.

Holy One, shine the light of your countenance upon us,
and lift us up in righteousness and strength.
Let our spirits rejoice in God,
our souls proclaim God's goodness and favor:
for indeed, we have been blessed!

There is no Rock like our God:
Christ is our sure foundation,
the cornerstone of our lives.
You have shown the strength
of your protection over us:
You alone are God our Savior.

Extend your favor upon the lowly
and humble in heart, O God:
let us boast only of your love and faithfulness.
Fill those who seek You,
soothe the suffering,
comfort the afflicted, O Holy One:
You are our strength and our succor.

Gather our prayers to You,
O Lover of Souls,
and tend to those who call upon You.


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