Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Prayer 1409: for renewal

Just when you think you are lost, light breaks through, and a path is found.

Holy One, we lift our praise to you on the morning wind, remembering your goodness and lovingkindness in all things. Our souls wait for you, O Lord; like watchmen for the morning, we seek You and your wisdom to guide us.

Help us be humble and kind, remembering your compassion to all who turn to You in need. Let us seek to give what we ourselves receive, and walk in mercy and fellowship with each other as you teach us to do.

Let us remember that Christ comes among us as refugee and asylum-seeker as well as healer. Let us see your face, Lord Jesus, in the faces of the poor, the desperate, and the marginalized. Let us still our souls to hear your call to forgiveness and repentance as we walk our pilgrim path in service to You, O God.

Bless all people in their daily lives and work, Almighty One, and place the balm of your Spirit on those we now name.


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