Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Prayer 1402

Reading about Dietrich Bonhoeffer this semester, andgiving thanks to God for his witness.

We praise you and bless You,
Lord God of Power and Mercy,
and give You thanks for this moment of worship.
You are creating the heavens and the earth:
let the song of the earth overflow
to fill our hearts with peace. 

Open our eyes
to perceive your grace and mercy
moving within our lives,
for we know that our times are in your hand.
Animate us by your Holy Spirit
to be warriors for justice
and humble servants for the cause of real peace and compassion.

Drive far from us
our arrogance and self-service,
which lead us away from You
to worship at false altars of pride and contempt.

Let us act in justice,
and love mercy,
and walk humbly with You, O Holy One,
all the days of our lives.

Lord Jesus, we place our hearts and souls
within your healing hands:
lead us to new life in kinship
with You and each other.

Resting within your embrace, O Christ,
accept our whispered prayers and petitions
that we bear in our hearts, as we pray.


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