Thursday, November 17, 2016

Prayer 1396

Even still, the light gets in.

In hope and thanksgiving we pray to You, Lord Christ, who reveals to us the holy path and calls us to mercy and peace.

Lord, we remember our sins, and bemoan our carelessness: have mercy, that mercy may take root in our hearts.

In all our striving let us turn to wisdom and love, gifts of your Spirit, O God, for guidance, and let our striving be to your glory.
In joy and exultation, let us remember that we move in You, and You envelop us, for all blessings come from God.
In our sorrow or anxiety, let us turn toward healing within your steadfast embrace, Lord Jesus.

Reconcile us to each other, Lord; may we never be reconciled to evil done to friend or stranger.
Knit us together in love, mercy, and compassion, O Redeemer, that our lives may testify to your truth. 
Uphold us through thy grace, and anoint us in your way of peace, that we may be a blessing to the world. 

Merciful One, Giver of Life, extend your sheltering love over those for whom we pray this day.


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