Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Prayer 1387- For Election Day

This memorial flag honors my father, a veteran of World War II (Navy Seabee)
at Floral Haven Cemetary in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. 

Most Merciful God, Source of All Blessing, Rock of Our Salvation, we praise and bless You. 

We bend the knee of our hearts before You, asking your mercy and guidance as we seek to do your will. 

Grant us courage to use our freedom for the common good, we humbly pray. 

Send your Holy Spirit upon all who seek your ways. 

Fill our Spirits with generosity and compassion, that we may choose the paths of justice, righteousness, and peace. 

Help us walk in love with You and each other, and build amity among all nations. 

Help us to stand for the weak, the powerless, and the voiceless, and work for healing. 

In all things, Lord Jesus, envelop us within your loving kindness, and bless us and all whom we now name. 


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