Saturday, November 5, 2016

Prayer 1384

A side door to the Cathedral Basilica in Barcelona.

Most Merciful One, our praises rise to You, Our Loving Creator, whose glorious majesty shines like ten thousand suns! 

Bless and keep us this day, Lord, and open our minds to see your beauty in each person we meet. 
Make us seekers of peace, justice, and wisdom: create in us gentle hearts and minds. 
Help us empower the poor and stand with the oppressed, that justice and righteousness flourish in the land. 

Give us loving hearts and hands willing to work for the common good, Lord Christ, for you are our example and our guide. 
Pour out your Spirit upon us, O God, that we be holy and upright all our days. 

Place your hand of blessing especially on those whose needs we remember before You, O God.


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