Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Prayer 1381- All Souls' Day

Ofrenda on an altar for La Dia de Los Muertos, Church of the Good Shepherd.

Lord, You have made us to love, and placed us in webs of relationships with friends and family. 

We lift up our hearts and give thanks to You for all of our beloveds who have entered into joy. 
We thank You for the memories of all that they have given us: wisdom, guidance, understanding, acceptance, and love. 
We give You thanks for comforting us as we remember those who have departed from us, and pray that light perpetual shines upon them. 

Instill in us the will to honor their influence in our lives by our thoughts and actions. 
Comfort those who are in distress or grief this day especially, and remind us of our unity to all souls within your loving arms. 

We know that we are One in You, Almighty God: draw us into the embrace of your mercy, and guide us into paths of righteousness. 
We are Your children, O God: bless and keep all whom You have created, and comfort those for whom we pray.


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