Monday, October 31, 2016

Prayer 1379- Faith, hope, and love

A tiny bee on a tiny flower in Babler State Park.

Almighty One, look with compassion upon your entire human family, and accept our whispered prayers and praises. 

You have given us reason, memory, and will: guide us to use them for your glory.

Let our understanding lead to faith, the kind of faith that questions and explores secure in your embrace, O Holy One. 

Let our remembrance of your abiding love lead to hope, the hope that leads us to never surrender but rest in your mercy. 

Let us use our will and desire to choose good and act justly out of love and charity that overflows our hearts. 

In all we do, Most High, guide us into paths of peace and justice, and temper all our acts with mercy and humility. 
May we ever feel the comforting weight of your hand upon our hearts, and remember your lovingkindness as we pray.


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