Thursday, October 27, 2016

Prayer 1375- Thankfulness throughout the day

The canopy of gold and green, Babler State Park.

God of the universe,
accept our prayers and praises
as we ponder your mighty works
and abundant grace. 

When dawn comes,
bearing its golden gifts of promise,
You are beside us;
your eye never sleeps.
At midday,
your light illumines our hearts,
and we pause to give you thanks 
and remember your lovingkindness. 
As the evening sun draws us
from labor to rest,
your hand, O Holy One,
rests upon us in companionship and peace.
When night descends like a curtain,
you place your mantle over us
and send your angels to guard our sleep.

In all things we remember
the life that You have given us thrums in our veins,
making us kindred with all the living Earth.

It is in You
and through You
and with You
that we have our being, Lord Christ:
we lay bare our hearts before You.

Move over us
as the Spirit moved over the waters at the dawn of time,
and create in us hearts eager to love and serve You.


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