Friday, October 7, 2016

Prayer 1355- Holding Fast in the Storm

This morning's dawn was spectacular.

Most Merciful God,
You are our fortress and stronghold,
and we thank you for lifting us up into wisdom and truth. 

You abide with us always;
You cover us with the strength of your almighty hand,
O Most High. 
You walk beside us
from the dawning to the dimming of the day, and lift us up
when the waters of fear rise up to our necks. 

Let your truth blossom and flourish within us,
that our hearts be good soil
to bear the fruit of justice and peace. 
Give us a spirit of forbearance and mercy, Lord Christ,
honoring your gospel of love and healing. 
Preserve us from the battering winds of enmity and discord,
and guide us into fellowship with all creation. 

Spirit of Peace, rest upon us 
and envelop with gossamer wings 
all those whose hope is in You.


Written in response to the ambush-style shooting death of St. Louis County Officer Blake Snyder in St. Louis County on October 6, 2016, as well as the shooting deaths of two police officers in Palm Springs that also left one wounded that same weekend.

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