Saturday, September 24, 2016

Prayer 1342: For conversion of hearts

Resilience. A flower pushes through an ancient wall in Girona, Catalonia, Spain.

Lord Jesus, we lift our hearts to You to be filled with your limitless love as we walk in your path of peace. In your mercy, forgive us our failures, our jealousies, our maneuvering against each other regardless of cost. 

Make us faithful in little things, that we may be worthy of bearing your Holy Name into the world, O Holy One. Teach us to always walk in mercy and forgiveness, compassionate and welcoming to the stranger. Make us upright and generous, like a green olive tree in your house, O God, and make us a blessing to those we meet. Make us happy to serve others, Lord Christ, especially the lost, the forsaken, and those in any pain or grief. 

By your grace, dwell in our hearts and minds, O God, and place your hand of blessing on those who call upon You.


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