Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Prayer 1337- For Terence Crutcher

Justice for Terence Crutcher, and an end to execution on the streets.

Most merciful God, abide within our hearts, and guide us in your way of justice. 

Help us to repent of the sin of fear of those different from us, denying your goodness in each other. 
Forgive us for dividing your children into "us" and "them," and privileging comfort over justice. 
Forgive us for extolling violence even as we decry it and allow it to stoke our fears. 

Help us love Christ's face in every person, and honor the dignity of God's image in every person without fail. 
Help us remain true to God's repeated command to stand with the oppressed, the sorrowing, the marginalized. 

Let us keep the peace through walking in justice and compassion for the oppressed. 

Lead us into loving You by loving each other, and replace our hearts of stone with hearts beating true for your kingdom of peace. 

Gather up our prayers, O Holy One, and give your angels charge over those for whom we pray.


Written in response to the shooting death of unarmed  Terence Crutcher  in Tulsa by Officer Betty Shelby, who was later acquitted of all charges in his killing.

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