Saturday, September 17, 2016

Prayer 1334- for discernment

It's Saturday, so, God willing, it's the day that includes the 5:05 service at St. Martin's in Ellisville this evening.

Most Merciful God, receive our prayers and praises, that we may serve You in unity and peace. 

Give us discerning hearts and a will to serve, singing with joy as we are called by our Shepherd's voice. Guide us by your light, O Christ, and open our eyes to your truth, that we may be renewed and transformed. May the beauty of God enlighten us, that we may reflect and testify to the Light, animated by love and wisdom. 

Shield and comfort all who are in distress, O Holy One, and make us bearers of peace and unity in your Name. Gather within your embrace all those for whom we pray, Blessed Jesus.


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