Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Prayer 1324

Detail on the facade of Press Hall, Eden Theological Seminary.

Lord Jesus, let us abide in you this day. 

Let us cast aside the suspicion and distrust that isolates us from our God and our brothers and sisters. 
Let us open our hearts to love fully, opening our arms and hearts to the world in joy. 
Let us step forth onto the path of truth, and be warmed by the wisdom of your way. 
Let us be bearers of the light of peace, and be tempered by the fires of justice. 
Let us be animated by the Holy Spirit to be compassionate toward all fellow-beings. 

Holy One, we walk by faith and hope: let us always trust in your promise of mercy. 
Guide and guard us into the arms of your love, and let your tenderness rest upon those we now name.


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