Sunday, September 11, 2016

Prayer 1238- Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Window at Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, Town and Country Missouri. tt is Homecoming Sunday!

Good Shepherd of our souls, keep us in wisdom, that we may remain with rejoicing within the sound of your voice. 

All like sheep we wander afield, and find ourselves misled by folly and stubborn pride: yet You seek us always in your love. Your faithfulness and compassion, Lord Christ, rescues us from the pit: you hold us fast when we fall. Your care for us pours over our heads like a soothing balm: we are secure in your arms, and comforted by your embrace. 

Carry us upon your shoulders with rejoicing, dear Lord, and restore us to unity with our brothers and sisters. In your mercy, may we abide with You forever, at peace in verdant pastures of peace, justice, and plenty. 

Bless us and keep us, O Holy One, and lift those who call upon You upon the rock of your love.


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