Friday, August 12, 2016

Prayer, day 1298

Annunciation, George Hitchcock, Art Institute of Chicago.

Most merciful God, gather your people together like flowers in a field, that we may sing out the beauty of creation! Feed our hearts and minds with the bread that never perishes, that we may drink deeply of your love and abundant mercy. 

For the glory of our Lord and Savior, lead us into repentance, and renew a right heart within us, we pray. Give us grace to follow your paths of peace and compassion, making each others' burdens our own. Wrap us in the mantle of righteousness, that we may be disciples in word and deed as we go forth from your courts, rejoicing. 

Send your Holy Spirit to set us aflame with a desire to serve you, O God, and bless and keep those we now remember.


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