Sunday, August 21, 2016

Prayer 1307, Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost

With joyful hearts we gather in your sanctuary, O God Most High, and join together as the Body of Christ! 

Lord Jesus Christ, you healed the woman bent from illness in the synagogue: place your healing hands upon us, we pray.
We carry the weight of hardened hearts within our chests: heal and forgive us, O Lord. 
Let us stand upright in your courts, and receive your Word of love and peace with joy. 
Let us look each other in the face, and see your face shining back, Lord Jesus, calling us to unity and compassion. 
Let us raise our hands toward your altar, to be fed and strengthened in your sacrament of Holy Communion. 
Let us step forth on the path of peace-making and share each other's burdens, as you chose to be God-with-us, incarnate. 

Bless and keep us, Lord Christ, that we may tale on your yoke of wisdom and humility, serving You and each other always. Place your healing hand upon those for whom we also pray.


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