Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Prayer 1302

Lord God, all that is within us blesses You, and turns to you in praise and thanks: hear us as we pray. In this moment may we draw our eyes from our daily tasks, and raise them to your glory, O God: our help is from the Lord. 

We see before us the way your Son has set for truth and life: let our hearts be firmly fixed within You in all things. Let us raise our minds toward the pilgrim path of holiness and wholeness: may justice and peace blossom at each step we take. 

Holy One, forgive us when we have missed the mark; help us aim our hearts straight and true toward justice and compassion. 

Place a healing hand upon the brow of those in any trouble: encompass us in your mercy as your children. Envelop within your grace all in any need, especially those we now remember before you.


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