Sunday, August 14, 2016

Prayer 1300- Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Reflection in a pool, Missouri Botanical Garden.

Almighty One, we worship You in joy and wonder: thanks be to God, who is making the heavens and earth! Draw us into the congregation, that we may give you thanks and praise! 

Let us raise up a joyful noise to the Lord, our hearts uplifted to receive thy wisdom as a wother receives her newborn babe. 
Let us be fed in mind, body, and spirit that we may labor in the fields of the Lord with renewed dedication. 
Let us pray together for peace, justice, and compassion to take root in our hearts and in our land. 
Let us lay our hearts open to be reconciled and restored, that we may not stray from the paths of righteouness. 

Blessed Savior, bless us and keep us in both joys and trials, and send forth your blessing over all creation, as we pray.


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