Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Prayer 1289: Inspired by the Lord's Prayer

Window from the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion, University City, MO. 

We lift our hearts to God, who is making the heavens and Earth, who bears our pain, who gives us life as Mother and Father: let us praise God always! 
You are slow to anger, of great mercy and compassion: forgive us for our sins, as both one and many-- they are heavy upon us. 

Feed us with the bread of brotherhood, that we may see and honor the beauty in all that You have created. 
Liberate us from the fears we use to divide ourselves: give us courage to embody your love as Christ taught us. 
Teach us to reveal your holy, tender love throughout all we do and say: open our hearts like children to your wisdom. 
Bring heaven and earth together: may your blessings be made known to all, and may all sing your praise. 
Heal us of the wounds we inflict on ourselves and each other, and draw within your embrace all who suffer.

Living light, shine within us, and cast your radiance upon those we now name.


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