Monday, July 4, 2016

Prayer, day 1259- For Independence Day

My father's memorial flag flown at Floral Haven Cemetary, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

In peace, we pray to You, Lord, God: from our rising to our resting we give You thanks and praise for all your blessings. 

May we seek to form a more perfect union with You and with each other, loving our neighbors as ourselves. 

May we establish justice as our foundation, and work for an end to oppression, poverty, and prejudice. 

May we ensure tranquility by defending and protecting each other in compassion and mercy, that liberty may be a blessing for all. 

May we work for the welfare of others by giving of ourselves in gentleness and sacrifice, rooted in God's love. 

May we free ourselves from all that chains us- fear, want, suspicion, jealousy- and fully embrace and celebrate each other. 

Bless us and keep us, O God, that we may dwell in peace, equality, and security all our days.


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