Friday, July 29, 2016

Prayer 1284

The final full day of Camp Phoenix includes a celebration of the Eucharis near the lake.

(based on the Beatitudes) 
Let us gather to worship the God of Peace and Lord of Life, proclaiming our love and devotion! 

Lord Jesus, you called us to live by the values of love, honor, and mercy, as you proclaimed from mountaintop, sea, and valley. Inspire us to remember that the way of blessing is the way of honoring and loving the oppressed, sorrowing, and humble. Open our hearts to proclaim your good news of salvation and peace in every action we take, we pray. 

Let us comfort the suffering and stand with those who endure injustice or oppression. Give us the grace to proclaim your righteousness, mercy, and compassion, O God, as our Savior taught us. Give us healing hands and hearts for those who suffer in body or spirit, and pour out your blessing upon those we now name.


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