Sunday, July 24, 2016

Prayer 1279- Tenth Sunday After Pentecost

"Ask, and you shall receive." Window at Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis.

(inspired by Luke 11:1-13)
Almighty God, may your Name be holy throughout the world: we lift our prayers and thanksgvings before You in faith. 

May we seek to honor You with our lives and our words, our hearts dedicated to love. May your kingdom be established on Earth, and the world know we are yours by our love and charity for all. 

Feed us with the bread of hope and the cup of salvation, this day and every day, we pray. 

Forgive us our sins, and, forgiven, may we remember to enact the mercy we receive with those who hurt us. 

From trials too great to endure, Lord God, deliver us and shield us; yet we know You are always with us. 

Holy One, we ask for your Spirit to cover us with her wings: gather within your mercy all those for whom we pray.


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