Monday, July 18, 2016

Prayer 1273- for the fallen in Baton Rouge

Lord God, the night has passed, and we turn to You in your steadfast lovingkindness and strength. 

Let us move from weeping to action, from sorrow to determination, to fight the evil that enslaves us. Help us to put our trust not in things, but in You, O Holy One, and in each other, who reflect your image into the world. Open our hearts to peace and justice, that we may reject the sins of pride and hatred that rend us apart. 

Even now Christ's love seeks a home within our hearts; let us renounce all that separates us from welcoming the love of God. Let us honor the fallen by sowing peace and compassion within our communities, remembering that we are one. Give us faith that we may act for good, empowered by the gospel that teaches us to always act in hope and courage. 

Be with us, who have watched and waited and mourned throughout the night, we pray. Purify our hearts, O God, and bless and keep those for whom we pray.


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