Saturday, July 16, 2016

Prayer 1271- for repentance and renewal in violent times

Cross scultpure, Osage Monastery Forest of Peace, Sand Springs, Okahoma

Holy One, arise and shine in our hearts and minds, that we may with joy give you thanks, and be animated by your love alone. 

Forgive us our manifold sins and failures to love, for the times we have put our own wants before others' needs. 
Drive far from us all hardness of heart, and awaken in us the compassion of Christ, Our Lord and Teacher. 
Guide us to gentle our words and deeds, that we exemplify and embody the way of Christ, bearing light into the darkness. 

Encompass within your mighty embrace those who weep, worry, mourn, or suffer, and grant them your peace and protection. Spirit of Peace and Healing, rest upon us and make us thy own, and comfort those for whom we now pray.


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