Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Prayer 1254

Bridal Veil Falls and Rainbow, Yosemite.

Most Merciful God, we come before You to give You praise, and to bear your name into the world in love. 

We confess to You our wrongs upon our beds; we have pondered our wrongdoing through the deep of night. Forgive and strengthen us as the sun leads us through the day, Blessed Savior, that we may walk in wisdom and grace. 

We ask your protection from all snares and enemies: may we work to heal the wounds without and within. Let us never seek to help ourselves at the expense of others, but always seek to build the Beloved Community. 

Uplift us through your Spirit of peace and compassion, O Lord, that we may reflect your love into the world. Rest your favor, O Holy One, on all who suffer or seek relief, especially those we now name.


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