Monday, June 27, 2016

Prayer 1252

And we do.

Almighty, All-loving God, be with us this day, for night is past, and the fields ripen with grain, calling us to love and to work.

Make us lovers of your creation and all that is in it, filled with wonder at the stars and at every grain of sand. 
Make us lovers of all your children, saints and sinners, remembering that each of us has both within us. 
Make us lovers of your gospel, carrying it within our hearts and testifying to it with our acts. 

Envelop within your grace all those that suffer from any need or trouble, we pray, Lord Christ, that we may sing out your love. Help us to trust in your abounding faithfulness, O Holy One, and embody your promises of mercy and peace. Place the kiss of thy blessing and the peace of thy Spirit upon those whom we now name.


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