Thursday, June 23, 2016

Prayer 1248- a prayer for healing

Window from Trinity Episcopal Church, Tulsa.

Almighty God, we give you thanks
for your abiding love and presence with us.
We ask your forgiveness
for any wrongs we have committed,
determined to rededicate ourselves to your holy path.
Through your Holy Spirit,
guide the minds and the hearts
of the doctors, nurses, and other healing hands
who seek to bring rest and comfort.

You, O God, are the Great Physician,
who has given us reason and skill
to use to help each other.
We ask that your blessing rest especially
on all who are ill, anxious, forsaken, or in pain.
May they continue to persevere,
and know always Your healing presence in their lives.

Resting in the assurance of Your divine mercy,
we ask a blessing in Jesus’s name on those we now name.


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