Monday, June 6, 2016

Prayer 1231

Over the high altar at La Sagrada Familia.

Let us waken the dawn with our songs of praise: O Lord, the beauty of your day is upon us and we give your thanks indeed. With hearts open to the light of your truth and love, O Creator, we lift our prayers in gratitude. 

Bind us to each other today, for You have called us to unity and brotherhood through your wisdom. We praise You for your faithful care of all in need, for their cry rest in your heart like a fledgling under its mother's wing. Let us treasure your promise of blessing and shalom within our souls: in You, O God, we find rest and peace. 

Strengthen us for the day's journey, and equip us with the wisdom to do your work in the world, Lord Christ. Send forth the Holy Spirit to shelter and shield us, and press the kiss of comfort upon the brow of those we now name.


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