Thursday, May 5, 2016

Prayer 1199

Holy One, we come before You, led by the glory of your gospel of compassion and love: hear our prayers, in your mercy. Let our prayer rise like incense on the morning breeze; let us bow before the Almighty One, Creator of All. 
Keep us as the apple of your eye, secure in your tender care, that we may serve You and your creation, O God. 

Give us the strength to resist evil in all its forms, uplifted by the power of the Holy Spirit, we pray. Help us seek to be not just right but merciful, that we may never act out of malice or fear to hurt others. Help us see the face of Christ in the outcast, the oppressed, and the suffering, to serve the common good in Christ's name. 

Lord Jesus, you know the cares and concerns, the joys and sorrows that have been made known to us. In your undying love, O Savior, cast the light of hope and healing upon those we now name.


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