Friday, April 22, 2016

Prayer 1186- for Earth Day

Let us raise all praise and awe to our Creator, whose glory fills the skies and seas, and this fragile, beautiful Earth, our home! We hear your voice, O God, in the laughing, greening trees whose hands clap in joy before their maker. 

Our voices praise You, our breath made possible by the breath of forests singing hymns of life in all its embodiments. You filled the sea with marvels, Lord; our very blood testifies to its life-giving role as the first thing You touched in creation. Grain testifies from the fields and sweet grapes are gathered; the gifts of earth feed our souls and unite us around thy table, O Christ. 

Let us remember that all our lives are dependent upon your gifts of soil and sunlight, wind and rain, O Merciful Creator. Make us faithful lovers of this Earth that pulses beneath our feet and shelters us beneath its sky. 

All things come from thee, O God; may we act wisdom and grace, honoring all life as images of divine mercy and favor. Heal us and embrace us, O Ground of Our Being, and pour out your blessing upon us, and upon those we now name.


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