Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Prayer 1184: hope in times of weariness

Carytide, by Rodin, at the Art Institute of Chicago.
Caryatids were carved young female forms used as support pillars in classical Greece; incongrous because they were so delicate, and yet the buildings they supported were so heavy. Temporarily fallen under the weight
she has been asked to carry, she gathers herself to begin again, still attempting to bear it up.

Lord, you have called us and known us since the moment of our birth: we abide in your lovingkindness with grateful hearts. 

Your grace restores our souls, O God: we praise you for the mercy you shower upon us. Forgive us for our hardness of heart: part the clouds of our willfulness with the glorious light of your Son, we pray. Pour out your peace like a shaft of sunlight to dispel the darkness we cling to; grant us courage to serve You and each other. 

Strengthen those who falter, O Lord, and comfort those who ache, for You are our Shelter and our Redeemer. Pour out your blessing like a balm, Lord Christ, and gather into your embrace those we now place before You.


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