Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Prayer 1176

We pray to You, O God, our Refuge and our Rock, and ask that your hovering Spirit guard and guide us this day. 

Hearts open like the pages of a book, we place our love and gratitude before You today, O Lord. Inscribe within us songs of beauty and praise, that our entire being may resonate to the tune of creation. Give us new birth in Jesus, our brother and our guide, that we may dwell in peace and wisdom together. 

Grant resolution and blessing to all who have races to run today, or who wait for news at journey's end, O Holy One. Pour out your mercy like a balm of finest oil, that those who are in pain or anxiety may be comforted, we pray. May all who seek You find You, O Sustainer, and may your peace rest upon those we now name.


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