Monday, March 28, 2016

Prayer, day 1161- for Easter Monday

"Hail Thee, Festival Day!"

Blessed Savior, we waken with glad alleluias on our lips and in our hearts. Bring us into new harmony with all of creation, earth and sky and beloved fellow creatures today. 

Let us open our eyes and breathe in the new breath of spring, scented with the hope of new life in Christ. 
Let us open our hearts to the love all around which sustains us, that breaks open the bonds of sin and distress and brings us to peace. 
Let us cast off the shroud that has bound us- the distractions, rages, and anxieties that have held us in the grip of estrangement from You and each other. 

Let us walk gently upon the earth, giving thanks for the life all around which sustains us, generative and blooming in beauty. Holy One, You make all things new: renew the hearts and hopes of those for whom we pray.


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