Friday, March 11, 2016

Prayer, day 1144

wildflower, Osage Forest of Peace, Sand Springs, OK.

(Inspired by Psalm 131)
O God, we come before You, 
humble in heart, 
rejoicing in your manifold mercies. 
Let us not puff ourselves up with pride, 
for we seek to be worthy of your Name. 

Let us still our souls to rest upon You, 
as a small child turns into the arms of her mother, 
resting upon her breast. 

Let us fasten upon this simple Truth: 
that You are our God, 
the root of all we are and all we do. 
Let us center our determination 
upon honoring your Word in our lives, 
for we depend solely upon You 
for wisdom and truth. 

Knit us together in love and brotherhood, 
united in purpose to serve You 
through each other. 
Refresh the souls of the weary, Lord Christ, 
and give your peace to those we now name.


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