Thursday, March 24, 2016

Prayer 1157- Maundy Thursday

Pope Francis shocked many when he broke the tradition of washing only the feet of Christian men.
Prayer for Maundy Thursday

Lord Jesus, you taught us that to serve others is the greatest way to love and serve God: help us also accept the honor of being cared for with grace. 
Holy One, help us shed our fear of being vulnerable, that we may love You and each other fully, and be healed by love ourselves. 

Jesus washes the feet of a disciple (Mafa Jesus tradition from Cameroon).
Help us to join hand and hearts in thy Holy Communion, Lord, to be strengthened and united, giving thanks to You and interceding for the entire world and its cares. 
Bless those for whom we pray, O Merciful One, and pour your comfort like a balm over them.

La lavanda dei Piedi, by Tintoretto.

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