Monday, March 21, 2016

Prayer 1154- Monday of Holy Week

A quick snow fall greeted us on Palm Sunday morning- which was also the first day of spring, ironically.

Blessed Savior, we draw near before you, placing our grateful hearts at your feet, asking that we be led to your truth. Let our prayer and meditation open our hearts before you, without reservation, awed at the beauty of your perfect love. 

Gracious God, You look into the deeps of our souls: forgive us, we pray, for our sins and failures, that we may be set upon the pilgrim's path. We come to You for strength, for healing, for renewal, that we may serve You and each other in peace. Lord, send your Spirit upon us, that we may be builders of bridges and workers of good in your Name. 

Merciful One, You know our needs before we ask: draw into your healing embrace those we now name.


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