Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Prayer 1149

Blessed Savior, we thank You for bringing us to the shores of this day: may we ever serve your kingdom. All Creation sings a waking tune, and bids us worship the One who made us for love and service: come, let us pray and give thanks. 

May we join in with the melody of hope and harmony that springs up from the earth, and open ourselves to be forgiven and renewed. Grant us wisdom and understanding, O God, that we may hear your gospel message of love, mercy, and compassion for all living things. 

We repent of the wrongs we have done or that we have not challenged: have mercy, and restore our determination to good. Gentle our hearts and thoughts, Lord Christ, that we may seek to build each other up and work to heal the world. 

May the warmth of Love Unending quicken our wakening hearts, O Holy One, and a Spirit of Peace dwell within us.


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