Sunday, March 13, 2016

Prayer 1146

Arise, shine, for the light has come from the east, calling us to worship and praise of our God and Savior! Let us draw near to join each other around God's altar to partake in the banquet of salvation that makes us one in Christ. 

Holy God, bless us and keep us, we pray. Keep us from sinning against You or against those around us, O God, and teach us to serve your law of love. Keep us from the sin of silence in the face of hatred or evil done on our behalf, and help us to work for the good of all. 

Open our eyes to see your good throughout creation and in each other, even those with whom we quarrel. Open our hearts to be remade as we receive your word and sacraments, Lord Christ, that we walk in your paths. Send forth your blessing upon us, Blessed Savior, and press the kiss of thy blessing upon those we now name, we humbly pray.


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