Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Prayer 1141

Holy One, You are our portion and our cup: we are filled with joy, giving thanks for all your blessings. Accept our repentance for all our wrongs, Lord Christ, that we may walk with You in newness of life. 

The dawn of hope spreads across the face of creation, and the Light of God shines forth to fill our hearts. Let us rededicate ourselves to our work in the fields of the Lord, that compassion and mercy will overcome hatred and division. Let us wait upon each other, and be fed body and soul by the precious Word of God, who calls us to love each other in charity. Lord, send your Spirit upon us, that we be set ablaze to sing out your truth, to fill the air with your praises. 

Precious Savior, hold us in the hollow of your hand, and bless and keep those for whom we pray.


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